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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


People say....

"Nothing last forever in this world."

And a friend of mine actually questioned that by saying,

"If nothing last forever, will you be my nothing?"

Well, it's hard to explain.

So, let it be.

I went to Mydin last week and decided to buy a new pencil case.

My friends commented that it looks girlish as it has a few girlish decorations on it.

Who cares???

The new one... Cam pompuan ek?

But it was hard to say good-bye to my old pencil case.

Ada teddybear lagi.. Chumil...

A hole? Hehehehe...

Aiya, zip pun suda tarak...

It has served me since 2001 and I remember buying it at the price of RM 2.00.

Cheap but it lasts a few years with me.

There are memories with my old pencil case.

But thanks for serving me for 10 wonderful years.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Maktab oh Maktab....

It's my second week in maktab or the so-called institute.

I've been thinking to blog about what happened in maktab but I always end up doing nothing.

I guess there's just too many things to adapt in maktab.

Case 1: Room

Last week before I reached maktab, a friend told me:

"Weh, kite kena duduk 3 orang sebilik."

And it really pissed me off and I decided to lepak at my friend's and only return to maktab at night.

We were told that they did dot expect that our cohort has more guys than girls.

Oh crap!!! We are the cohort with lots of guys. U guys saje nak pekena kitaorang kan?

Fami cleaned our room last week. Thanks dear...

My stuff... Adoi...

Saje gedik!!!

Dah kemas pon..

My mum would be surprised if she knows this...

Case 2: Classroom

Second day in maktab, we were asked to go to our classroom.

I was staying at the kaki of Bukit Coombe and I had to climb the stairs to reach my class.

It was a real disappointment when I reached my class seeing no air-cond, chairs and tables.


Maktab never changed over the years and it was the same old problem when I left it two years ago.

Maktab yang eco-friendly... Kipas je noq???

The lost kittens...

The gossip girl semester 7...

Die ni memang ske menepek dlm blog aku...

Oh Ainul!!!


Case 3: Rules

Our first day, we had this stupid induction day.

We were all wondering why do we need to have this induction.

And puzzles were put into pieces when people from HEP came in one by one.

But the thing that really made us irritated was when one of them said,

"Kalo nampak rokok bersepah kat asrama, mesti keje budak TEYL."

We were like... WTF!!!

Bajet budak course lain tak merokok je...

As for the baju and everything, it was the same old thing.

But I miss wearing T-shirt and my sweater to class.


Yazid pura-pura tido.. Siap request nak gambo dia dalam blog aku...

The TEYLianz...

Chip urut si Foo... Ngantok dowh time tu...

Owh... Anak India tertido keletihan sebab posa...

One thing that I miss about UUM right now is the freedom that we have had there.

No such thing as "labeling" back in UUM.

But what I can really say about maktab right now is, I think they feel intimidated by our arrival.

Our thinking is broader as we are liberalised when we were in UUM.

As for now, we are surviving and hopefully, the 77 of us will be together until the end of this course.


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