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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hari ni aku dok membelek sebab banyak giler cite pasal Fasha Sandha ngan Jejai.

Aku tak minat pun ngan diaorang.

Fasha lawa tapi.... (sila isikan tempat kosong)

Jejai pulak kaya tapi sangat TAK HENSEM!!!! Yucks!!!

Muke macam mamat Indon je...

Fasha dok emo sebab Nora Danish buat statement yang dia dan Jejai sebenarnya dah 2 bulan berpisah.

Sangat drama si Fasha ni. Patut pun banyak berlakon drama daripada filem.

Tapi sebab ko lawa, aku tak jadi nak kutuk.

Lagi satu, pegi la carik mamat lain yang setaraf muka ngan ko. Jejai tu macam Indon yang keje tukang kebun kat umah nenek aku je...

Papehal pun, lantak korang la...

Makin famous si Fasha ngan Jejai tahun ni. Congrats la kat korang!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Demi Allah, bukan aku nak puji diri tapi aku memang jenis yang cepat minta maaf kalo aku buat salah.

Kekadang, kalo aku sayang orang tu, aku minta maaf walaupun hakikatnya BUKAN salah aku.

Sebab perangai cepat minta maaf ni la aku selalu kena pijak.

Kalo orang lain buat salah kat aku, then minta maaf, CEPAT je aku lembut ati. Terus maafkan.

Aku tak suke gadoh-gadoh. Orang bodo je yang suka bergadoh.

Tapi tak semua orang leh terima perkataan "MAAF" tu dengan cepat. Manusia, macam tu lah...

Tapi kalo semua bende dah ok, nape nak marah-marah???

Orang tu dah ngaku salahkan? Lebih baik daripada dia menipu. 

Kepada golongan yang lambat nak maafkan orang tu, pikir-pikirlah sikit.

Sekali dua, mungkin orang yang buat salah tu leh terima segala hinaan dan sindiran.

Kali ketiga dan keempat, hanya Allah yang tahu.

Manusia Tawar Hati.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Tak semua bende yang kite nak, kite akan dapat. Biasanya perkara yang kite TAKNAK tu yang kite dapat."

Aku teringat kata-kata kakak angkat aku, Kak Maji. Memang ape yang dia cakap tu betol. Betol sangat!!!

Dalam hidup aku, dah banyak kali aku tak dapat bende yang aku nak.

Aku teringat tahun 2009. Aku nak sangat kat "bende" tu... Sampai malam-malam aku terbayang "bende" tu je...

Time tu, hanya Allah yang tahu tahap langit keberapa aku nak "bende" tu...

Tapi akhirnya, aku tak dapat "bende" tu..

Nangis macam orang mati anak time tu sebab frust tak dapat!!!

Tapi Kak Maji ada kata jugak:

"Kekadang Dia tak bagi bende yang kite nak sebab nak bagi bende lain yang lagi baik."

Memang betol kata dia. Tahun 2010 aku dapat "bende" yang aku nak. Sampai sekarang aku happy sangat-sangat sebab ada bende tu..

Tapi sekarang, "bende" tu dah nak pergi...

Redha atau tak, aku kena terima. Aku sayang "bende" tu... Sayang sangat-sangat..

But nothing lasts forever and that's life!!!

(p/s: Aku harap "bende" tak lupe kat aku.. )

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Seriously, I'm kind addicted to this song:

It's difficult to find it online as Jenna Drey is not as famous as Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.

I like her song coz it's groovy.

I sprained my ankle yesterday, so I didn't get the chance to "dance" like Meredith and Christina in Grey's Anatomy.

Seriously, I did all these jumping and whatever you call it...

Sometimes, it helps when you have a bad day.

Just let yourself loose and jump and dance.

People might say that you're crazy but who cares???

Do it and you'll be okay.

(p/s: This week aku busy, nak blogwalking pun tak dapat. Sori kawan-kawan..)

Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm having Monday Blues...

Like super serious Monday Blues...

How I wish that I have another day to rest.

Kucing ni pun malas tau tak?

(p/s: Petang ni ada kelas kul 2.30 sampai 4.30. Confirm aku tidoq dalam kelas..)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


A friend of mine posted on TEYL's wall today:

"2 minutes left.."

At first I was not bothered when she posted that. But later, when I saw a few of my friends were chatting on Facebook chat and were discussing about exams result. It freaked me out!!!!

Honestly, last semester I didn't really study. I remember having a good nap instead of studying for Testing. (Testing is one of the heaviest papers last semester..)

Then, I remember going to cinema to watch "Ngangkung" the day before the Moral paper.

Things didn't get any better when we had two weeks gap before our last paper. I was happily downloading movies and drama series and watching it. And of course, "No Study" mode was on at that time.

I tried to log on to the UUM portal for so many times. When I managed to get through, I hesitated whether to check or not. All the negative thoughts started clouding my head.

"Sem lepas aku banyak main, mati la..."

"Kalo fail satu subjek, stuck kat sini!!! Takmo!!!"

"Mak mesti disappointed kalo aku tak lepas sem ni. Uwaaaa!!!"

And lots and lots of negative thoughts that I could not help not to put away.

I was biting my pillow with my eyes closed waiting for the page to load and....


Thank you Allah for His Kindness and Generosity towards me.

I managed to get into the Dean's List again.

I would also like to thank my friends:


Er The Sabah Bah

Zul Sutton




Udin Star

Abg Jap

Anis Gunung

Remy, Anis Punyer Boyfriend



Kak Yan

Diana Klate 

Tipah Spears

...and everyone who has helped me throughout the examination period. Thank you so much!!!!

Result can also be checked through SMS:

(p/s: Hopefully, my friends and I will pass with flying colours for my final semester as well.)


I signed in to my blog just now.

I was surprised to see 13 comments!!!

Then I was thinking....

"Aku ada kutuk Hanis Zalikha ke?"

Of course la takde... She's my favourite  blogger coz she's super hot!!!

And the most important thing is she didn't blog about her boyfriend macam seseorang tu...

Yes!!! Like that somebody. I bet you all know who I am talking about..

It turned out that all the 13 comments came from somebody that I haven't heard since my last holiday. 

These are the comments:

Thanks to Ibrahim Ismail a.k.a Baim for his comments. (gigih ko komen belog aku ye..)

I believe y'all must be curious how he looks like.

This is Baim.

Well, this handsome guy has a very unique way of writing his blog. Most of his writings are in English. You'll find some bombastic words here and there. (kekadang aku pun tak paham...)

He is from Jitra and currently residing in Kota Kinabalu.

I believe he's single. So, to the ladies out there, boleh isi borang ye...

I went to his Facebook page and stole this picture. It's my favourite picture.

Cute isn't it?

Visit his blog and become his follower k? 

You won't regret for the rest of your life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's Saturday and I have all the free time in the world to blog and visit my neighbours on Farmville.

I visited Zwan Sabri's blog with his latest entry, "Contest Aku & Kacamata". 

Before this, I'm really a fan of online contest for no reason. (malas sebenarnya..)

But when Zwan tagged me, I could not help myself not to join the contest. So this is for you bro...

I chose this picture coz I like this picture very much. This picture was taken when I went to Hatyai last year.

Everyone refused to hold the camera, so I gladly took it and snapped as much pictures I could take.

I hope this year's Chinese New Year, I have somewhere to go coz after that, I plan to focus on my practicum.

What would I win if I won this contest? These are the prizes:

First place: RM 100

Second place: RM 80

Third place: RM 50

And I would like to tag:

Check out this link for more information.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Some of you who are close to me would definitely know where I spent my three weeks holiday.

It was a holiday that I would never forget in my life as it was my final holiday as a student.

I was browsing through my Bluetooth Exchange folder when I discovered the pictures of my nephews, Adib and Danish.

Nobody knows how I long to hug and kiss them right now.

Being with them, I would just forget the world around me.

They can be very irritating sometimes.

Danish would play around the house and mess the whole place. You have to keep an eye on him coz he might end up in a kitchen.

Adib would be begging you to play PS2 together with him and he doesn't care whether you have other things to do or not.

But now, I long to chase Danish whenever he plays in the kitchen and also to play PS2 with Adib whenever he begs me to.

MMS that I received a few months ago. Danish and his teddybear that he called "Ayah Cik"

I made a video call whenever I miss them.

This is through Skype. This is the latest picture of him. Cute eh?


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nokia N70 with OVI MAPS??? (berangan la kalo nak ada...)

Don't be fooled by my title, Nokia N70 would NOT work with Ovi Maps.

I did google on the web but found none of the software that offers maps for Nokia N70.

One of the reasons is Nokia N70 is running on old version of Symbian platform. The latest platform is Symbian 3 that runs on N8, C7 and E7.

 This is my Nokia N70. It still looks good.

But if you turn it on other side, there are few scratches near to the camera. This phone is a bit bulky as well.

I bought this phone in 2007. Therefore, it has been with me for over 3 years.

It is still in a good condition except for:

1. The handset speaker is no longer working properly. In a noisy environment, I won't hear a thing except if I change it to loudspeaker mode. You have to speak loudly if you wanna talk to me. I sent it for repair and it cost me RM60 but it is still in the same state. 

2. You won't hear any SMS tone when you receive SMS or MMS. So, don't expect immediate reply when you send me SMS. It's kinda irritating coz I have to check my phone every 10 minutes.

3. Lastly, the battery would not last for one day. So, I  gotta have an extra phone as a back-up especially when I go travelling.

Previously, a friend suggested that I should change my phone. But I was reluctant to change it coz before this, everything worked just fine. But now, I gotta think twice.

A few reasons why I refused to change it previously:

1. It was still in a good condition. (masih elok, takkan nak tukarkan? why waste money..)

2. My sister pay a sum of money for me to get this phone. It was generous of her to do so. There's a sentimental value involved here.

3. Lastly, Muncet's SMS from the very first time we met until now is still stored in the phone. It is something that make me feel good whenever I have a bad day.

So now, what phone do you think I should buy for RM500 budget??? 

(p/s: Ngidam I-Phone sebab leh main Farmville. Cam best je...)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's around 10 p.m now and I will turn in anytime soon.

I had an interesting lesson today with one of my lecturers.

She shared a few videos and asked us to reflect on it.

I guess today that she achieved her goal to make us understand on what is "Reflective Practice".

One of the videos that really touched my heart is the following video. I encouraged all of you to watch it till the end.

Now I want you guys to think how lucky we are to be MALAYSIANS!!! 

Imagine if our kids is portrayed in this video. 


(p/s: "Bersamamu" takley lawan kesah kat Filipina ni.. Setuju tak?)


Aku rasa semua orang tahu betapa taksubnya aku kat Grey's Anatomy. Ye la dulu nak jadi doktor tapi sebab aku ni tak pandai mana, jadi cikgu pun jadi la kan...

Setakat aku blog ni, tak ramai bloggers yang minat Grey's Anatomy. Sampailah aku jumpe blog mamat ni, Kerol Izwan.

Gambar ni aku cilok kat belog dia. Aku carik dia kat Facebook, tak jumpe. Tapi mamat ni memang fanatik Grey's Anatomy.

Dia pernah buat a few entries pasal Grey's Anatomy. Kalo korang rajin, pegi la jenguk belog dia.

Mamat ni berangan-angan nak jadi Dr. Derek Shepperd.Aku tengok pun muka dah hampir serupa ngan si McDreamy ni. Elok la jugakkan?

Korang rasa aku berangan nak jadi doktor yang mana??? 

Ni Dr. Alex Karev, the bad boy dalam drama ni. Tapi kalo korang tengok mamat ni daripada mula sampai sekarang, karakter die sebenarnya sangat best. Dia sebenarnya seorang yang sangat fatherly. Ko nampak gambar tu? There's a few scenes yang menunjukkan dia sangat fatherly. But aku tak berangan jadi dia.

Ni plak, Dr. George O'Malley. Dia seorang yang clumsy tapi sebenarnya sangat dedicated dengan kije die. Tapi sayang coz karakter dia dah takde dalam drama ni. So, aku pun tak berangan nak jadi dia.

Yang ni sape tak kenal, boleh hantuk pale ye.. Ni la Dr. Mark Sloane or Dr. McSteamy. Steam tak korang tengok? Pakar plastic kat Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Dalam drama ni, dia suke tido ngan pompuan-pompuan. In fact he is called manwhore. So, this guy definitely not the one I wanna be.

Ni adalah karakter baru. Muke dia start ada dalam Season 6. Ni Dr. Owen Hunt or known as Major Owen Hunt. Aku suke karakter die. Kinda nice. Dia leh bersabar ngan perangai Cristina yang ntah pape tu.. Sebab tu jugak, aku berangan jadi dia walaupun sangat tak sesuai...

Jadi, korang berangan nak jadi yang mana? Pilih-pilih ye...

(p/s: Kredit to Mr. Google...)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Aritu aku blogwalking kat blog member-member yang rajin update ni. Then aku ternampak ada sorang blogger ni blog pasal "Open Relationship". 

Dia siap bagi rujukan berdasarkan Wikipedia lagi...

 Kalo rabun, click untuk besarkan

Pastu blogger ni mempersoalkan kenapa remaja Islam kat Malaysia sekarang ramai yang guna status ni?

Siap leh kata yang guna status ni BERDOSA.

Motip ko kata berdosa?

Bagi aku, status "Open Relationship" ni tak semestinya kena ikut Wikipedia tu. Aku pun tak sure dia sedar atau tak samada Wikipedia tu orang puteh punyer web. Budaya kat sana memang la banyak melibatkan seks.

But the point is, RELATIONSHIP tak semestinya hubungan antara laki dan perempuan. Hubungan bapak dan anak laki pun relationship jugakkan? Hubungan best friend perempuan dan perempuan pun relationship gak kan?

Bagi aku, it depends on you on how to define "Open Relationship". Tak payahlah asyik nak guna Wikipedia. Tak semua makna tu betol. Different culture has different meaning.

Kepada yang guna "Open Relationship", pandai-pandai korang explain kat member korang. Takut ada dah member-member korang yang terikut ngan dakwaan blogger ni.

(p/s: Takmo skema dah.. Guna BM plak.. Muahahahhaa..)

Monday, January 3, 2011


It's my first day in class and it has been three weeks since I met all my friends.

I was talking to Ainnul when she said,

And what she said kinda make thinking.

Maybe what she said is true coz I have been restricting myself to write stuffs about me.

Previously, I used my blog to write down all the rants and ramblings and also part of it was used to express what I feel deep inside me.

A friend once came to me and told me,

"I read your blog coz you inspire me and make me think better of what happen in my life. But what happened now? You are no longer that person?"

To be honest, I lost interest in writings coz I lost my circle of followers. They are the most motivating factor in blogging.

I guess I gotta learn to win back my friends and followers.

(p/s: What do you think? Is it too "skema"? Should I change or what?)
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