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Sunday, January 9, 2011


A friend of mine posted on TEYL's wall today:

"2 minutes left.."

At first I was not bothered when she posted that. But later, when I saw a few of my friends were chatting on Facebook chat and were discussing about exams result. It freaked me out!!!!

Honestly, last semester I didn't really study. I remember having a good nap instead of studying for Testing. (Testing is one of the heaviest papers last semester..)

Then, I remember going to cinema to watch "Ngangkung" the day before the Moral paper.

Things didn't get any better when we had two weeks gap before our last paper. I was happily downloading movies and drama series and watching it. And of course, "No Study" mode was on at that time.

I tried to log on to the UUM portal for so many times. When I managed to get through, I hesitated whether to check or not. All the negative thoughts started clouding my head.

"Sem lepas aku banyak main, mati la..."

"Kalo fail satu subjek, stuck kat sini!!! Takmo!!!"

"Mak mesti disappointed kalo aku tak lepas sem ni. Uwaaaa!!!"

And lots and lots of negative thoughts that I could not help not to put away.

I was biting my pillow with my eyes closed waiting for the page to load and....


Thank you Allah for His Kindness and Generosity towards me.

I managed to get into the Dean's List again.

I would also like to thank my friends:


Er The Sabah Bah

Zul Sutton




Udin Star

Abg Jap

Anis Gunung

Remy, Anis Punyer Boyfriend



Kak Yan

Diana Klate 

Tipah Spears

...and everyone who has helped me throughout the examination period. Thank you so much!!!!

Result can also be checked through SMS:

(p/s: Hopefully, my friends and I will pass with flying colours for my final semester as well.)


Ibrahim Ismail said...

Good for you. This time around must be 4.00! InshaALLAH.

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Good for you. This time around must be 4.00! InshaALLAH.

ZWAN SABRI said...

WoW! Sumpah HEBAT..
Tahniah2.. ;)

King Of Single said...


phew..canggih da skang sume gne SMS je

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