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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's around 10 p.m now and I will turn in anytime soon.

I had an interesting lesson today with one of my lecturers.

She shared a few videos and asked us to reflect on it.

I guess today that she achieved her goal to make us understand on what is "Reflective Practice".

One of the videos that really touched my heart is the following video. I encouraged all of you to watch it till the end.

Now I want you guys to think how lucky we are to be MALAYSIANS!!! 

Imagine if our kids is portrayed in this video. 


(p/s: "Bersamamu" takley lawan kesah kat Filipina ni.. Setuju tak?)


TikkoSS's Blog said...

testing testing? initially cannot comment.. now resent..

nice sharing on the video.. meaningful to me :P

ZWAN SABRI said...

sumpah air mata aku jatuh bila tgk video tu..
kesian kat depa....
syukur kita masih dikurniakan rezeki yang lazat2.. huhu

baincardin said...

bersyukur kita alhamdulillah...semoga Allah beri yg terbaik, amin...

sHaH said...

tikkos.. how kucky we all are..

zwan.. ko nanges? biar betik?

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Youtube and all streaming vids are blocked by Maktab's wifi. But I'll surely save the link for my teaching aids (have been using the multimedia much during the past practicum).

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