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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I signed in to my blog just now.

I was surprised to see 13 comments!!!

Then I was thinking....

"Aku ada kutuk Hanis Zalikha ke?"

Of course la takde... She's my favourite  blogger coz she's super hot!!!

And the most important thing is she didn't blog about her boyfriend macam seseorang tu...

Yes!!! Like that somebody. I bet you all know who I am talking about..

It turned out that all the 13 comments came from somebody that I haven't heard since my last holiday. 

These are the comments:

Thanks to Ibrahim Ismail a.k.a Baim for his comments. (gigih ko komen belog aku ye..)

I believe y'all must be curious how he looks like.

This is Baim.

Well, this handsome guy has a very unique way of writing his blog. Most of his writings are in English. You'll find some bombastic words here and there. (kekadang aku pun tak paham...)

He is from Jitra and currently residing in Kota Kinabalu.

I believe he's single. So, to the ladies out there, boleh isi borang ye...

I went to his Facebook page and stole this picture. It's my favourite picture.

Cute isn't it?

Visit his blog and become his follower k? 

You won't regret for the rest of your life.


hans said...

kalau aku pompuan memang aku dah ngurat dah bro nih

P/S : Siapa Yang Pernah Pergi Brunei? Apa Yang Seronoknya Di Sana?

~roslinda~ said...

lama gila x ke sini~
eh kmslm baim :P

achik ezam said...

seseorang tu sapa??mcm sangat kenal aje...


baideway biorlah kan belog masing2..

sesukesuki dioranglah...

suke tengok tasuke tutop


ADfeez said...

cute giler budak bju kuning tu!!! heh

apezs shah said...


wah mmg cutekan. yang paling best, pict2 dia semua yang diambil betul cantik. ;)

ZWAN SABRI said...

WoW! Pic2 tu semua tersangat sangatlah CUTE.. ;)

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