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Monday, January 3, 2011


It's my first day in class and it has been three weeks since I met all my friends.

I was talking to Ainnul when she said,

And what she said kinda make thinking.

Maybe what she said is true coz I have been restricting myself to write stuffs about me.

Previously, I used my blog to write down all the rants and ramblings and also part of it was used to express what I feel deep inside me.

A friend once came to me and told me,

"I read your blog coz you inspire me and make me think better of what happen in my life. But what happened now? You are no longer that person?"

To be honest, I lost interest in writings coz I lost my circle of followers. They are the most motivating factor in blogging.

I guess I gotta learn to win back my friends and followers.

(p/s: What do you think? Is it too "skema"? Should I change or what?)


y--square said...

Don't blog to earn, whether friends or money. Just blog whatever you feel like wanna write. Don't pressure yourself too much k?

ZWAN SABRI said...

I dont know but i will always be ur loyal follower..
keep it up k.. ;)

Your Humble Servant said...

just try to think from reader's perspective lo... try make it as interesting as possible

sHaH said...

yy.. I LIKE UR COMMENT. that's the best!!

zwan.. thanks bro.. ur the best!!

YHS.. ok bro..

achik ezam said...

kolo blogging sbb nk earning income mmg tak ke manalah...tulis ape je yg rerasa nk ditulis asal tak menyinggung sensitiviti org laen sudah.

Ariz Abdullah said...

lebih tertarik ngan awek dlm gambar tu..hehehe...alaa skema ke tak skema ke...ko tulis je apa yg ko nak tulis...

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