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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear Saga,

Would u listen to what I’m gonna say to them?

I hope u would coz I could not tell them what I feel.

And this is what I’m gonna say…

Dear To What I Need:
  • You’ll be very wonderful to have.
  • You bring joy and happiness.
  • You make me happy when I’m down.
  • You can help me to get all the things I want.
  • But even with you, I am not feeling contented..
  • With you around, things are easier but loneliness would be a good friend of mine.

Dear To What I Have:
  • You make me the happiest person on earth.
  • Some days are difficult but I know you would make it easier for me.
  • It feels good when you are around.
  • But I’m not sure till up to which point u would be there.
  • Coz it would hurt me deep if one day you are not around.
  • With you around, things might be a bit harder but at least I’m not alone.

(p/s: Life is about choices...)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Kalo ari Isnin, kite biasa akan dengar "Monday Blues".

Tapi untuk hari ni, orang kat office aku tengah "Monday Surprise".

Tau sebab ape?

Sebab ada dua makhluk Tuhan yang pandai membaca tapi tak reti nak memahami.

Two of my colleagues resigned immediately.


At least bagitau la kalo nak resign pun.

Ni ko blah mengejut pasai pa?

Bos aku tengah pregnant.

Mati la kami yang kena BOMB!!!


One of these places will be emptied...

Friday, June 3, 2011


Aku sorang-sorang dok dalam ofis. The other workers are in today.

So, I'm left alone to do my own stuff.

Internet punyer laju but I dunno what to download.

Facebook is on but no new notifications.

Call orang sana sini, haram tak reply ape...

Turn on my YM, tegur orang tapi cuma Papa sorang je yang reply.

Kalo aku tau orang lain tak datang, aku pun taknak datang.

Boredom could kill me easily.

Dahlah emosi tak betol sangat sekarang.

I just need a companion to sembang.

Oh God!!!

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