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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I sent an application to Sarawak Bloggers last week and yesterday, I finally obtained the approval e-mail stating that I am officially...


Seriously, I seldom join this "state group" kind of thing coz I believe that I am a Malaysian and I should be able to fit anywhere in Malaysia.

Surprisingly, I have more friends from West Malaysia than friends in Borneo. In fact, when I was in Labuan matriculation College, I mixed around with West Malaysian rather than East Malaysian.

Some of my friends called me, 'Sarawak Murtad' coz my way of speaking is not accented with my Sarawakian language. Moreover, when I first came to Penang, some of my friends were asking me whether I truly am originated from Sarawak coz they found me having no trouble speaking their Malay language.

Well, nothing to be proud of myself. But I am truly proud of being a Sarawakian. Personally, I also feel that race difference is not really a problem in Sarawak. When I was in Saint Patrick Primary School, I have all kinds of friends from different races. There are Ibanss, Bidayuh, Melanau, Chinese, Malays, Kenyah, and even Punjabi. So, living with the other races should not be a big problem for a Sarawakian.

To my Sarawakian friends, visit and apply yourself to be a Sarawakian bloggers. Who knows you could be featured as "Blogger of The Month"?

(p/s: I miss Sarawak!!!)

1 comment:

ZWAN SABRI said...

Agi idup agi gelaban.. HAHA..
btw, tringin nak dengar hang cakap.. nak dengar bunyi sarawak ker penang.. HAHA

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