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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I was talking about how wonderful Penang is and I mentioned one of the events that will take place this weekend.

My roommate was busy packing his stuff when I was talking to him but he suddenly turned to me when I mentioned the "event."

"What?! A gay fest in Penang? You gotta be kidding me!!!"

OMG!! And I replied:

"It's Chingay Fest not GAY FEST!!! Next time listen properly ok?"

End of the first incident.


An old friend suddenly popped up through Facebook chat. He informed me that he has just reached Penang.

This is our coversation:

Me: Dok cni sampai bila?

Fren: xtau lg. ngee~~

Me: stay la lama ckit. Weekend ni penang byk event.

Fren: Yeke?

Me: Ada Chingay, Suarasa. Pesta bunga pun dah start

Fren: Chingay?? Apa kah? Bnyi mcm best. Wahahahha..

Me: Yang main palang tu la.. Bukan gay

Fren: Nnt ko bawak aku ek. Hehehehehe....

Me: Aiyo...

End of second incident.


It's funny to see how ignorant some of my friends are.

Both of my friends have been staying in Peninsular Malaysia since they were born here.

Compared to me who have been in Penang for only five years coz I was born in Sarawak.

This weeked is gonna be a superb weekend. Many events will be held in Penang.

But I have nobody to go with.

Anyone to accompany me?

The official poster for Chigay Fest Penang 2010.

Does this look gay-ish? I wonder how they do it...

Suarasa TV9 that will be held around Queensbay Mall this weekend.

(p/s: Photos are taken from Click for more info...)


Anonymous said...

kalo gay ak on jewk!
baru ak teman ko!

zetty said...

wow mcm2 event ad katsnerr kan...bestnyerr klu dpt pi snerr...huhuhu

King Of Single said...

sumpah ingat gay festv uh

lawak seh

ZWAN SABRI said...

Ek eh, X sangka hang stay kat Penang.. HAHA
Stay area mana?

DanieL AdiE said...

hahaha....laen kali dgr betol2..

Latest Entry:

sHaH said...

lelaki ini.. ko mmg.. dpd aritu nak teman aku tapi tak teman2 pun..

zetty.. lamanya awak tak komen kat cni.. windu..

ekyn.. saje bagi suspen.. hahaha..

zwan.. kat jelutong. mai la lepak skali..

adie.. ok, i'll check it out!!!

achik ezam said...

hi cikgu..


King Of Single said...

yup...suspen kot..haha...tcari cari gak gay...hahaha

zetty said...

hehhe..nnti sy komen slalu ea...

zidEL zhafiz said...

shah..ape pop komen tuh..??..cane na buat..??heee~~~~

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