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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Seriously, I did hope that a car would run into me this morning but for now, I've changed my mind.

Today is a tiring day coz I have to move my things out from my old hostel to a new one.

Doing it alone, you know how tiring it could be.

Before moving things out, let's take a picture first. Hahahahaha...

This is how it looked like when I moved everything out. My roommate left earlier than me. I like this room coz it's spacious and the furniture is new.

Good bye to Pinang 316. I hope you get better people to take care of you.

I put all my stuffs outside. So, I don't have to go in and out of the room. These are some of my things.

This is the other half. The brown box and the bag are my worst enemies coz they were sooooo heavy to carry them down.

I lived on top floor of this building. And imagine how I brought all my things down to the yellow arrow. I could shed some weights if this thing happens everyday.

My new hostel. WELCOME TO CIKU!!!

Finally!!! I managed to move things to the Ciku's storeroom. It's a great satisfaction!!! Yeay!!!

(p/s: Now, I'm sitting in J. Co somewhere in Queensbay Mall and having great donuts!!! You want some???)


ZWAN SABRI said...

Alahai.. kesiannya.. awat x panggil tadi..
klaw x, boleyh aku tolong...
tolong tengok... hehe..
erm, study kat mana nii?

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

Nak Donat Sikit...

sHaH said...

zwan.. takpalah.. dah settle da pun.. takmo nyusah ang. brg aku banyak.. lagipun kalo aku wat sendri, leh gak exercise..

faiz.. nak? meh cni..

Your Humble Servant said...

JCO. Been to QBM so many times already but never once buy anything from JCO. lol

Anonymous said...

yeah. tahniah3. anda berjaya. haha
cantik jugak hostel tu ^^

eyfa.eyfa.eyfa said...

npe nme block uh ciku?xde anggur sedap..nie ciku..hahaha

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