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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Day at Work....

So, this it is...

My last day at work. I guess that I have learned so many things here.

Reminiscing all the time and what I have gone through here, I guess that my life has not been so bad.

First, I got a chance to study coz there are others who wants to further their studies but due to some inevitable constraints, they didn't get the opportunity.

Secondly, at this young age, I got my family to support me financially while others have to work to earn money.

Thirdly, God borrowed me "a working brain" which is a once in a lifetime gift.

Lastly, I will have a good job after completing my studies while others have to search for it.

My life is not that bad...

Yet, I kept complaining and still is complaining...

I wonder when I'm gonna be grateful of what I have in this life.

I guess that's the nature of human.

As for the people who has worked with me:-


To my boss,Irene and her hubby, thanks for being so nice. I guess you're the best boss in the world.

My officemate, Chi and Rul, thanks for what you guys shared with me. Your life, your thoughts and whatever you guys taught me will always be in my heart. You guys are the best!


To my sister and brother in-law, Teza thanks for being my driver. My special message to both of you, "Kawen la cepat-cepat. Balik umah senang hati tengok muka anak" Hahahaha....

Whatever it is, I'm glad to be here. Tomorrow, I will be back to my previous life.

The life that I have been complaining all these while.

I'll change for the BEST... Promise!!!

My life is so COOL.

(p/s: Kertas peringatan warna merah tu, aku yang wat. Dak pakistan suke masok opis pakai kasut.)

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