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Thursday, April 8, 2010

let's GLEE

I've been thinking what to write about myself.

My life has been quite boring lately with nothing to share with u guys.

Finally, I found what to write about.

It's GLEE!!!

I realise that I am addicted to this series.

It's about a high school kind-of-thing but portrayed in a different way.

In this series, there are a lot of popular songs such as Take A Bow (Rihanna), Halo(Beyonce), Keep Holding On(Avril Lavigne) and so much more.

But my favourite would be Don't Stop Believing and Somebody To Love.

I've been listening to these songs.

In fact, I enjoy watching GLEE over and over again.

But what make GLEE is soooo interesting?

This series is written by Ryan Murphy, the same writer of "Popular" series back in 1999.

So guys, let's GLEE!!!!

Addicted!!! Love my new wallpaper...

(p/s: Exam is around the corner. Nak enjoy pepuas dulu!!!)


kenwooi said...

didnt watch any glee episode before.. i prefer How I Met Your Mother =)

Glo-w~* said...

Glee makes me happy^^ perhaps it's cause I use to join choral speaking^^ good days~

Just_najmiE said...


FaizalSulaiman said...

love GLEE so much.reminds its may life, confession!

Sir Matno said...

aBG Dah habes watch one whole season of it and i just love GLEE!!

can't wait to see if the second season is ouT!


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