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Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm lazy.. Like super seriously LAZY...

I was doing my AR but ended up doing it half way. (u know what is AR?)

I'm tired.. Tired of everything...

How nice if I could just lock myself and never come out in a day or two?

That would be such a heaven.

There are things stuck in my mind.

Not sure whether I should let it out here.

But I'm bothered by a lot of things.

Hate it when I felt that I'm not needed.

It sucks!!!

Sucks when you are needed for only certain things.


Oh practicum time...

There are some people who tried to take advantage of us.

To that person.. No wonder your students hate you..

You are such a lazy ass..


I think I better go and sleep.

Go fucking way of my AR.


(p/s: AR is action research...)

1 comment:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

If AR is equal to AE (academic exercise)at which chapter are you now? I'd rather be unneeded than being needed. Lazier me, I guess?

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