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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This WEEK..

It has not been an entirely nice week..

The not nice part started off when I was accused of being the "fire" that caused "a bomb" to blow.

Well, my intention was not to cause the "bomb" to blow but only to play with the "fire".

But little that I know that the "bomb" caught the "fire" and caused the whole place to explode.

Therefore, the "fire" has to be blamed. Oh gosh!!!

Ok end of one story.

Another story is I got a flu and might be having a fever.

It's a lame story. So, why bother tell right?

The last story...

You are not there and you don't even know what happened.

But suddenly you become the victim.

I mean it is just merely a joke right?

You did not like her from the very beginning.

So, when I make fun of you with her, you should not mind because it's just a harmless joke.

So, there's no backstabbing occurs.

Maybe you're having another "menstruation" time.

Takpelah.. you take care yah..

(p/s: My life sucks and I need holiday!!! BADLY!!!)

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::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

me 2... i need holiday....

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