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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my DAY..

Seriously, I never feel like this ever since I work here.

But today, I feel that all these works seem to be a great burden to me.

A never ending rain of works.


The thing that I hate the most is when in the middle of completing something, a nuisance came and asked you to do this and that.

I feel like slapping that person.

I wish I could do it though.

I feel like smoking.



Anonymous said...

eh, xmo smokin..ta bgus :)

Anonymous said...

i wud love 2 slap him. may i? hee

sHaH said...

macy.. yg smoking tu saje cakap.. tak wat pun.. er... slap him? ok gak!!

Anonymous said...

Don't smoke, it will cost your life. Slap him, it will cost his life. haha

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