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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It was a wake-up call for me… sort of…

One night, she SMS-ed me asking,

“Do you miss me?”

And I replied,

“Not that much..”

After a while, it came to my mind what I really feel for her now.

It was difficult to explain coz I really don’t know.

But seriously…

I feel nothing.

And I don’t know where that fire of love has gone.

I feel empty…

I feel like we don’t know each other…

Apart from that, I’m stucked with my no-west-Malaysian marriage policy produced by some people in my family.

I’m torn between her and my family.

I don’t even know what to write…

I’m way too young for all these craps!!!

Gosh!!! I hate it!!!


'AQILAH said...

selamat pagi :) senyuummm

hans said...

feel nothing?

Anonymous said...

xmo sedeyh2!!!

noor afzan said...

uuu..bahaya nih beb..
cari cepat maan ilangnya fire tuh..

jangan tensi2 k..
rileks yea.
bila rileks, baru leh pikir dengan waras..=)

Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

sabar.itu semua dugaan hidup.

baincardin said...

Jom kita tambahkan ilmu tentang 'Baby Development' Yay! ^_^

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