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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cilok kat

Najmie mentioned to me:

“Your blog sekarang is about FRUSTATION.”


At one point, I tak realize pun bende tu. Not until she mentioned it to me.
Maybe it’s true that I kept whining about things around me.
And that made me realize that I actually did not fulfill my new year’s resolution.

And that is:

The Year of Gratefulness.

I wanna learn to be grateful of what I have this year but I always forgot.
*Lupe atau saje ko takmo engat?

I dunno but I really need to change myself.


I’m not sure how.

But I’ll give it a shot.

(p/s: I need motivational stuffs. Video ke, lagu ke, aper ke.. Just to get myself inspired..)


i'm shin... i'm inesen said...

ouh halwa telinga di jajah ngan Indonesia ya pak ngee~

music Indonesia era 60an sampai ler lewat 80an lebih mesra kemelayuan... sbb tu ramai penyanyai Malaysia yg bikin cover version.. dan ada gak penyanyi Indonesia dok nyanyi lagu dari komposer Malaysia..

la ni hampir xde dahh...

p/s : i like 80's

Just_najmiE said...

look, my name is in this post.. hehe..

I like talking to u face to face more compared to sms or ym.. stay positive my dear.. u'll get through..

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