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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanks to…

Thanks to a friend…

For telling me that I am snobbish and ego.

For telling me that I should go out of my box.

But to that friend,

I wanna ask since when you are sooo caring towards your juniors?

With your own cohort friends pun you gaduh sampai tak bercakap?

Even your ex-roommate pun you gaduh.

Who’s ego and snobbish?

Who think that he is too perfect until he can just say anything to other people?



Thanks to another friend…

For always saying that I always get the easiest part when we did the work division.

For always leaving me to do the assignment alone and get all the marks that I should earn own my own.

But to that friend,

Stop whining when people give you work.
Can you just do the DAMN WORK???

I had enough of you questioning all the things that I get.

It shows how UNGRATEFUL you are of what you have.


Be grateful that I never question whatever good things you get in life.

And be happy that I am still there with you in whatever situation you are.

THINK AGAIN coz we have only one year left.


baincardin said...

Support Earth Hour! yay! ^_^

noor afzan said...

manusia ni macam2..
dan mereka yang macam ni takkan pikir..
mereka ni pentingkan diri je..

apa yang penting kita dah buat part kita.
kalau nak lebih kejam lagi jgn buat part die (yang di biar u buat sorang2 tu)
buat je sekali baru la die rasa dan sedar diri.

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