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Friday, March 5, 2010


I skipped Jumaat purposely today.

Wasn't feeling well because I stayed in Bilik Gerakan until 3.30 a.m to settle some stuffs.

Feeling kinda frustated last night when I came to know that the tags for the participants was not enough.

So, I did everything from scratch.

Printing, laminating, cutting and holing.(Is there such word as "holing"???)

Tiring job but once I finished it, a sense of relief crept in.

Thank GOD!!!

Tonight will be the Majlis Perasmian (Opening Ceremony).

Hopefully it'll be a great success.

I did not have a good sleep this week.

Once everything is done, I'll sleep as much as I could.

I wish everthing went well.


This tag was made by my 'twin'. Anyone who would like to have his service, please contact Shah Putra.

(p/s: Thank God I have such a good 'twin'.)

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