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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: It Maybe Sooo Last Year!!!

A friend of mine said:

Grey's Anatomy is soooo last year!!!

Well, my answer was:

It is NOT soooo last year but it was way back in 2005.

Well, a few friends have criticized me for watching Grey's Anatomy.

I believe Grey's Anatomy might be so not the in-thing now but I always feel that it is a relevant show to watch.

You know why?

Here's the answers:

1. Grey's Anatomy talks about life, in fact real thing that happened in life like death.

2. Grey's Anatomy always makes me realise that whatever happens for a reason.

3. Grey's Anatomy teaches me about mistakes and how to fix it.


4. Grey's Anatomy shows you that love conquers everything no matter in what situation.

I remember having a bad day when I watched one of the episodes where Meredith and Cristina was comparing whose life sucks more.

And that point I realised that I always complained about how unfortunate I am but I forgot that there are people who went through worse stuffs in their life.

Therefore, I am GRATEFUL for what I am.

Well, Grey's Anatomy might not be as "modern" or "trendy" compared to Glee, Gossip Girl or whatsoever but it makes you think about LIFE.

Glee: Does singing help to make a world better?

Gossip Girl: Are you rich enough or popular enough to be talked about?

This is one of the best moments and seriously, I miss Izzie and George.

(p/s: I am not against Glee and Gossip Girl but I look for something that teaches me about life value.)


AdiE said...

oh really?
but i like this show...
best wat..

~ DanieL AdiE ~

Anonymous said...

Enjoy what you like dude! (^_^)
No need to care for what others r saying. My view, it's cool when we r not so nk trikut2 ngn trend.

sugarmouse said...

one thing i really loved about grey's anatomy from the first time i ever watched an episode of it till now is the profound voice-overs at the end of each show.

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I was once addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I don't really like the idea of having more than 3 seasons. Why can't ALL American TV Series follow Korean's style - once season done, it's done for eternity - and they'll create another successful story.

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