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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Lecturer

Sitting alone in my sister’s house made me thought about what had taken place in UUM.

Some events were good and some events were bad.

Well, that’s why we call “Life is Round”.

We would not be happy all the time.

There are always ups and downs.

However, one of the greatest moments hardly to be forgotten would be the “Bitching Around Session”.

Who says guys nowadays did not bitch around?

We did. (I mean some TEYL Cohort 4 guys…)

“Bitching Around Session” is not about us ‘selling’ ourselves. (We are not that desperate yet…)

It’s actually about us talking and sharing about things that go around us. (Girls call it ‘gossiping’ but we call it ‘bitching’. Hahaha…)

Exam time is the time where this session occurs among the guys.

And the main topic would be…


Believe it or not, this topic has been going around for every semester with different lecturer but the ‘lucky lecturer’ this time would be one of the male lecturers from Language Faculty.

This lecturer taught three subjects to some of my friends.

The subjects are:

1. Second Language Acquisition

2. Introduction to Children’s Literature

3. Teaching Aural-Oral Skills in Primary Classroom.

And for those who attended all these three classes with him last semester, I would like to say, I’m proud of you guys.

Wanna hear some of the testimonials about this lecturer?

“Well, I think I like him. He speaks English better than the other lecturer and we can understand well what he was saying.”

“He’s adorable. I don’t think he’s gonna be kedekut with our carry marks unlike other lecturers.”

Well, that the positive testimonials about him.

What about the negative remarks?

“He gave us a lot of works and the best part of all parts, he gave us the work that he is supposed to do for his PHD research. What the f**k???”

“I work my a*s off on all the works that he gave!!! And the marks he gave are LOW marks!!!”

“I think this guy is biased. He talks nicely to girls and to the guys???”

“This guy shouldn’t teach those subjects. He can’t even pronounce ‘P’!!!”

Errr… I think that would be sufficient enough for now.

But for the negative remarks, I love the last remark.

“This guy shouldn’t teach those subjects. He can’t even pronounce ‘P’!!!”

Yes, you’re right.

The lecturer could not even pronounce the word, ‘P’ properly.

Imagine if he wants to say some of the Malay Vulgar words such as:

Pukimak, he would say, BUKIMAK!!!

Pantat, he would say, BANTAT!!!

Imagine that he has a trip to Perak. Imagine what he would say to his colleague:

The Lecturer: I want to go to BERAK.

The Colleague: The toilet is just around the corner. You can BERAK there.

(dalam ati berpikir… nak pegi berak pun bagitau aku ke?)

The Lecturer: No, I said I want to to BERAK. Did you hear me?

The Colleague: Yes, I’m listening. Just go to the toilet and BERAK.

The Lecturer: (dlm ati… Masya-Allah… He couldn’t understand me.)

Well, that’s not even half of the whole part.

There’s a lot that I would really like to write here about him but I think that would be enough.

Coz I think I’ll start to crap if I didn’t stop here.

But for TEYL Cohort 4, you know well enough who the person is.

Next semester, he’s gonna teach us again and with that I would like to say:-


Wanna be like this begging-for-marks skeleton?

(p/s: The end of “Bitching Around Session” for this semester. Like Zul always said, XOXO… Gossip Girl…)


hans said...

actually B same like P for the some situation

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha...I cant stop laughing!! Shitty him, he'll definitely "SHIT" non-stop if he pronounces "Perak" as "Berak"..hahaha!
I've been a silent reader but cant help to well as curse! XD

sHaH said...

hans: yup, for some situation B n P is almost similar. Tapi tak tahan nak gelak bile lecturer tu slalu tukar P jadi B. I wish u can hear him for yourself. Wakaka...

looi: dear, u did not attend any of his class. i came up with this blog as a protest to all Cohort 4 Teylians who attended his class. Until now i didnt know my SLA carry marks. SHIT!!!

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