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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teacher, it's your DAY...

Yesterday was teacher's day in Malaysia.

Therefore, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers and future teachers in Malaysia.

Due to some inevitable constraints, I could not post this entry yesterday.

As usual, my internet connection was acting up again.

And what i did yesterday was I wished some of my teachers thru SMS.

So I sent this message:

Happy teacher's day.

Sharizal drahman
sps, trs, ipp, uum

A few minutes and hours later, my cell received a few messages.

And those messages are from:

1) Dr. Lee (my Korean lecturer)

"Thank you for your message, Mr. Sharizal"

2) Madam Halijah (my Ko-K lecturer)


3) Madam Chiang (my IPP lecturer)

"Tq, my dear. Happy Teacher's Day to u 2"



4) Madam Roza (my UUM lecturer)

"Tq sharizal"

5) Miss Choong (my IPP teacher and I miss her the most!!!)

"Thx dear 4 ur wishes. Same 2 u also. Tk cr"

and the last message was from:

6) Miss Haslina (my TRS teacher)

"Thnks shah sori sy bz sgt x smpt nak msg pun..."

These are the few people who have made a great difference in my life and i really hope that i could be like them...

...or even better than them.

But no matter what...

They are the BEST!!!

Thanks for all the teachers who have taught me.

By any means, I hope that our path will cross again in the future.


(p/s: TEYL Cohort 4, Happy Teacher's Day to u guys too!!!)


Fadhlah said...

nak buh cbox ngan bla2 tu ader dlm la tengok kat blog abg tu...klu nak cun,amik jer template yang abg dah buat tu..cuma tukar seperti yang,seblum buat templete ori dlm notepad..aper2 hal tanya dlam cbox tutorial..

sHaH said...

abg fadhlah: rajin promote blog ye? hehehe... ada masa nanti sy try k? thanks abg..

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