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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thank God that our final exam has come to its end.

It has been “an excruciating pain” for us to.

We have been putting ourselves locked in “Sintok Prison” for weeks...

...and now...


Though it has ended, I now realise how wonderful this exam weeks have been for me.

First, I’m no longer a loner who studied alone in the library everyday.

Secondly, I got the chance to be close again with some of my friends.

Thirdly, I feel much better studying in group.

Lastly, I think I can answer the exam questions through group discussion.(Sort of…)

So, I would like to say a heartiest appreciation to these wonderful friends who stick with this group from the very beginning until the end. They have been wonderful partners in this group and I am very much looking forward to being with them again next semester. If I did anything wrong and if I hurt any one of them, I would like to say sorry coz you guys are the BEST!!!

These people are:-


- fahmi

- yazid

- jap

- zul

- sham

- hasis

- er

- faqis

- k-rul...

...and for those who have contributed directly or indirectly. Thanks so much for the help, piece of advice as well as the encouragement. May God bless you guys.

seriously, i'm gonna miss this moment...

(p/s: I forgot about one person. Looi, thanks for the notes dear!!!)

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