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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who Wants To Watch Movie?

Seriously, I had a BLAST in Penang.


It's has been a long time having all the fun and excitement being out of the Sintok jungle!!!

Well, lets make it short and simple.

If you wanna watch a movie that can make you laugh from the very beginning until the end, you should watch this...




Seriously, for those who love the genre of comedy romantic, this movie suits your appetite.

Well, I am totally full after watching the movie. (Don't get me wrong, I'm full with happiness not with food. It's fasting month. Hahaha...)

However, the most important thing is I was watching it with Miss Penguin.

I'm so glad that we watched this movie together.



If you wanna waste your time and money, I suggest that you should watch this:





It's a total CRAPSHIT!!!


I watched the previous movies but they were nothing like this one.

I even watched it in 3D.

I was expecting more but...

Miss Penguin told me:

"I dozed off coz the movie is too boring"

Well, she's right.

I was about to dozed off as well but managed to keep my eyes opened throughout the movie.


So, pick your movie now and...


(p/s: I can't believe Gerard Butler can act in this kind of movie. HE IS SUPERB!!!)


akhis said...

~xsempat nk tgk...
~ari2 msuk lab wat keje =(

giantpolar said...

xtau nk tgok yg mana nih... haha

yaziith su anaz said...


sumpah nak tengok the ugly truth.
gerald is TOTALLY GOJES!


imHepPie said...

laaa..hengatkan nak blanja tgk muvieee huuuu...hancus berkecai harapanku ngeeee~~

zetty said...

nie y x sabar nk tgk cite the ugly truth...hehehe

sha89 said...

huh? serius ke?

kawan aku ckp Final Destination tu best tahap nk mletup kpla otk die weii~~

adess...nk tgk ke x ek~

bnyknye movie!! tp xtau dpt tgk ke x...waa!!~ :(

Judiene said...

ko membuat nafsu aku nk tgk cte ni membuak2
nk sgt tgk tp still xde mse lg
ari2 g fullhouse
tp final destination tu bg aku la not bad la
but still kalah kpd yg previous FD

naqiubex said...

I hate the Final Destination series..

aien~s corner said...

dh lme xtgk movie.. huhu

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