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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nokia N70 with OVI MAPS??? (berangan la kalo nak ada...)

Don't be fooled by my title, Nokia N70 would NOT work with Ovi Maps.

I did google on the web but found none of the software that offers maps for Nokia N70.

One of the reasons is Nokia N70 is running on old version of Symbian platform. The latest platform is Symbian 3 that runs on N8, C7 and E7.

 This is my Nokia N70. It still looks good.

But if you turn it on other side, there are few scratches near to the camera. This phone is a bit bulky as well.

I bought this phone in 2007. Therefore, it has been with me for over 3 years.

It is still in a good condition except for:

1. The handset speaker is no longer working properly. In a noisy environment, I won't hear a thing except if I change it to loudspeaker mode. You have to speak loudly if you wanna talk to me. I sent it for repair and it cost me RM60 but it is still in the same state. 

2. You won't hear any SMS tone when you receive SMS or MMS. So, don't expect immediate reply when you send me SMS. It's kinda irritating coz I have to check my phone every 10 minutes.

3. Lastly, the battery would not last for one day. So, I  gotta have an extra phone as a back-up especially when I go travelling.

Previously, a friend suggested that I should change my phone. But I was reluctant to change it coz before this, everything worked just fine. But now, I gotta think twice.

A few reasons why I refused to change it previously:

1. It was still in a good condition. (masih elok, takkan nak tukarkan? why waste money..)

2. My sister pay a sum of money for me to get this phone. It was generous of her to do so. There's a sentimental value involved here.

3. Lastly, Muncet's SMS from the very first time we met until now is still stored in the phone. It is something that make me feel good whenever I have a bad day.

So now, what phone do you think I should buy for RM500 budget??? 

(p/s: Ngidam I-Phone sebab leh main Farmville. Cam best je...)


baincardin said...

simpan duit sikit² supaya boleh beli iPhone. Kesabaran yg tinggi amat diperlukan..:)

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

Nokia C3..... but 2 megapixel only... n no 3G...
But its nice

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

ngah kumpul duit untuk beli beri hitam...;)

saya_arief said...

kami pakai 3315i..

sHaH said...

abg bain.. lama tu nak bersabar. hp lama ni dah lama sgt dah wat prangai..

faiz.. nice choice.. aritu dah belek2. cuma tak pueh ati la.. tak jadi beli.

AIS.. nak BB gak!!!

arief.. ye ker ko pakai 3315? leh caye ke ni?

ZWAN SABRI said...

Yeah. Nokia C3..
comey nfon tuu..
boleh 0n9 fb..

sHaH said...

zwan.. dier nyer function tak banyak la.. teringin gak aritu tapi tak jadi la..

SasHa Lee said...

ko kumpullaa lagi sikit tuk beli iphone.. baruu gempak..

Ibrahim Ismail said...

It's worth saving (and spending) more for a multi-functional phone. Aim for Android OS instead. IPhone is too much for our budget.

Ps. Perhaps you don't need to change the phone afterall? Fix the necessary parts (batteries, casings) instead. There are cheaper and you save a lot more (esp. the sentimental value). ;))

Abhinav Sobti said...

dude! for ur second problem i.e. no notification for incoming sms or mms... google out "nokia curse of silence".. i experienced d same problem nd finally got a solution..

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