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Friday, June 11, 2010

Babi Punya APEK!!!

I don’t care whether he’s related to you or not.

I don’t give a DAMN!!!

And I’m not gonna say it nicely but this guy is MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Can you imagine going to work in the morning and was packed with all the works in the office and a stranger came in asking about when your boss is gonna arrive with high tone and such rude behavior?

And you were speaking nicely to him but all he replied were that nasty words and tones?


1. I hope he will die in the worst car accident. His stupid head and body cannot be found.

2. I hope he will die killed by some psychos who speaks nicely to him but still he replies it rudely. (but not me la… )

3. I hope he will die while trying to cross the railway. Imagine his body torn into pieces? That would be soooo nice!!!!

4. Lastly, I hope his children stabbed him coz he must be a terrible father.

And this is the guy…

Duduk macam pondan. Nyampah aku!!!

By the way, I think this old man saw me as just another worker in the office.

That's why he is so rude and arrogant.

One day, I promised to myself that if I become one of the BIG GUNS (orang-orang berpangkat tinggi la... ada paham?) I would never be as stupid, arrogant and rude like him.

That's my promise.


hudhud said...

bukan nak cakap apa la kan. tapi memang chinese ramai mcm tu kot. dorg mmg pandang rendah gila babi kalau kita setakat kerja2 biasa ni. siapa kerja jusco ke promoter ke, dah faham sgt perangai dorg.

suhaisweet said...

cool dude..relaxx....peep my latest here Check it Out!

Anonymous said...

ak tgk pun rase nk muntah dh...

Anonymous said...

These people, there are ignorant. They might be wealthy, but they have poor souls. Don't let anger beclouds your good judgements.

'AQILAH said...

cool down...:) makan kit kat ...

senandung semalam said...

sabar yea...lex2..

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