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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Again..

As it gets to the end of my workday, I feel that I am given more and more work.

I don’t know but it seems to me like that.

My boss knows that I can finish any work given in a short time but I’m not a robot.

Sampai bersepah meh?

I know that I should not be whining and instead be grateful for what I have now.

But at one point, things get too much.

Last week, I decided to go back every day at 9 p.m.

And I did coz I wanna have a jolly good time this week before resigning.

But that didn’t happen.

I'm gonna leave lots of work to one of them. Guess who???

Now I’m counting the days.

And the days seems to pass slower than ever…

Getting fat day by day...


jerry maguire, jr. said...

work and no play..
makes u a dull boi..


Mizzyan said...

Cheers* That's how life works to survive :)

baincardin said...

uikhsss...selamat bekerja!^_^

Lama dah Bain tak eksperimen HDR. Jom layan HDR! ^_^

noor afzan said...

salam shah..
awak keje ape ye?

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