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Friday, June 11, 2010

English Session: it's "MAKE FUN OF" not "MAKE FUN ON".

One of the bloggers posted a comment saying:

sorry to bother

the title should be like this "they make fun ON Prophet Muhammad" instead of " they make fun OF Prophet Muhammad"

thank you :)

I was like...WTF!!!

She cares more about my language, not my message.

Well, I checked around and even asked some of my friends. And they say...

I even checked the dictionary.

1. from

make fun of someone or something
to ridicule someone or something.

Are you making fun of me? I am making fun of your hat.


to make fun of
(idiomatic) To tease, ridicule or make jokes about.

Please stop making fun of your sister and just help her.

3. Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar

make fun of: tease, ridicule

Another explanation why it is not "make fun ON" is because...

~ make fun ON means someone is making fun while he or she is on someone's else body. (how is that possible?)

to the blogger named adilahamzah,

I'm so sorry that I have to point out all these. I feel it is important for me to clarify your misunderstanding towards the language. I'm not saying that I'm sooo good with this language but I have been learning it for quite some time and even the native speaker makes mistake with their own language.

But, if you are still unsatisfied, it's fine with me.

I understand your feeling. Furthermore you mentioned that you have really a lot of experiences in confronting several of people.

I don't think CONFRONT is the right word dear coz that word connotes another meaning.


(transitive) To stand or meet facing, especially in competition, hostility or defiance; to come face to face with; to oppose; to challenge.

Another one is you mentioned that you are currently studying as a post-graduate’s student in the same university.

You are STILL STUDYING, so you are UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT. ada paham???

(p/s: Thanks to Looi, Samini and Taufik for the help. You guys are the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER EVER!!!)


atreyu strange said...

Oh wait. I just saw my sister's name on that screenshot! *GASP LOUDLY*

kenwooi said...

lol.. definitely "of".. =)

atreyu strange said...

LOL. Where did she get the idea it's "making fun on"?? That's just wrong in so many ways! And WEIRD too!

t a u f i k said...

aha.. ur welcome shah.
i dun think this is a confrontation. it's just a clarification. agree on the part that even native speakers make mistake. Cheers buddy!

senandung semalam said...

on ke of ke xksah yg pntg jgn mmpermainkan nabi kita...

Muhd Naim Putera said...

LOL. Like they said, it takes a small change to make a big difference.

And it takes a small mistake to create a big problem.

Anonymous said...

Paham cekgu!!
In someways this taught us to be definite about the theories that we've learnt in Institute/University, esp when we're facing students who are questioning our knowledge.

aiDieNa said...

Wohooo.. biler kelas seterusnyer cikgu.. ? :)

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