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Monday, June 7, 2010

to Y.O.U

I’m gasping for air now.

Having difficulty to breath.
I’m just trying to be honest with what I feel.
I know it hurts you.
But I never meant or didn’t intend to hurt you.
Sorry for ruining your day.
You know that hurting you is like hurting myself.

Take your time if you need to think.

Take a moment to relax and breath.

Probably you need a fresher air.


You know where I am.
Look up when you feel like you want to.
May God bless you.



'AQILAH said...

teruskanla agnes monica...hee :)

senandung semalam said...

wow!!! speechless....

sHaH said...

aqilah.. motip agnes monica?

ishma.. erk?

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