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Friday, June 25, 2010

Nuffnang: Iklan Enfagrow

Akhir-akhir ni, aku heran tengok iklan nuffnang aku.

Asyik Enfagrow je?

Adakah sebab aku ni bakal cekgu budak sekolah rendah dan sebab tu aku hanya layak dapat iklan tu...

Iklan lain tak kuar pun???

Musykil dowh...

Korang rasa?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Again..

As it gets to the end of my workday, I feel that I am given more and more work.

I don’t know but it seems to me like that.

My boss knows that I can finish any work given in a short time but I’m not a robot.

Sampai bersepah meh?

I know that I should not be whining and instead be grateful for what I have now.

But at one point, things get too much.

Last week, I decided to go back every day at 9 p.m.

And I did coz I wanna have a jolly good time this week before resigning.

But that didn’t happen.

I'm gonna leave lots of work to one of them. Guess who???

Now I’m counting the days.

And the days seems to pass slower than ever…

Getting fat day by day...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I don’t how to start…
I just don’t know…
I have been seeing this thing happening in front of my eyes…
Deep down, there’s a great disappointment to her.

I can just ignore her but I couldn’t.
She’s a part of me.
And always will be.

Life ahead of her is gonna be a long road with many humps.
And those humps gonna slow her down if she didn’t learn to move on fast.
But will she learn the lesson after going through those humps?

And as a person close to her, I dream that success would surround her.
But how would success comes around when she never bothers to earn it?

I pray that God would give her the guidance she needs.
I cannot bear to see her losing in her own world.

May God bless you my dear…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nak Download??? This is the place...

Kalo korang nak tau, time kat ofis, aku pandai selam sambil minum air.

Tapi nasib baik tak kembung...

Sambil-sambil buat keje, aku dah download cite...


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.(lawak sial!!!)


Sekarang tengah download...


Aku rasa ramai yang dok tanya aku download kat mana tapi aku gedik tak bagitau...

Kalo korang nak tau, suma ada kat sini.

Kat search box tu, korang taip la ape yang korang nak.

Nanti semua kuar.

Aku download movie tahun yang lepas-lepas pun ada kat situ.

Blue pun ada.(jangan wat koleksi plak.. wakakaka..)

Papehal, pandai-pandailah korang.

Aku suggest kalo nak download, guna Megaupload, Hotfile atau Rapidshare.

So far, ni yang paling cepat aku guna untuk download.

Dalam 30-40 minit dah siap.

Tapi bergantung pada speed internet korang jugak. Kalo setakat pakai berukband RM50 tu, boley download tapi slow cam SEPOT la...

So, start downloading guys!!!

(p/s: kredit to Google atas wallpaper drama-drama di atas... Thanks ya!!!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Me & How I Met My Friends...

“Think about all of us when we first met you.”

I was watching the final episode of “How I Met Your Mother” when Ted Mosby, one of the characters says that to his best friend, Robin.

I was struck thinking about me and close my friends...

1. Fami or better known Zhafran Imran is my best friend from the very first semester in maktab and UUM as well. A chaotic guy with a talent of being a good leader. He changed a lot over these five years. He has become president and project manager to many events. We went through many stuffs together. Good and bad times as usual but he’s a friend that would be there when you needed him the most.

2. Zul or Hielmy Salim is another close friend of mine. We always make fun of him by calling him “Squid”. But very few people know the quality of this fella. We had this “cold war” for over a year when he put a FULL STOP on it in 2007. Now, he’s one of my buddies that would always be there for me no matter what. Sometimes, he acts like a bitch but seriously, he helps me a lot through bitching. Last year, when I was having problem with Ferd, he helped me to realize the value of myself before others. Well, he might be bitchy but for me, that’s the best thing that people would never know.

3. Another one is Looi or Langsuir. She got that nickname because of her long beautiful hair. I’m really comfortable with her. She might be a Chinese but she’s different from any other Chinese. I grew to love her more especially when I told her who my real self last year. I always feel that she’s my wingman, a dude with boobs. And whenever you need her, just call her. You never know what good advice you might get from this lady. Suddenly I feel like I miss her. Huhuhuhu…

4. Me? I dunno what changed me over the years but I think with my friends, I started to get really comfortable about who myself is and they made me comfortable with my own skin. (Well, I’m the fairest among them all. Hahahahha..) More than that I don’t know. Maybe you guys can tell me.

and that’s How I Met My Friends Over These Five Years…

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gedik nak balik..

Gedik nak balik..

Aku pun tak tau nape arini aku dok rasa rimas dok kat ofis.

Tak penah plak rasa macam ni sebelum.

Tetibe plak rasa gedik sangat nak balik.

Ntahlah, tetibe penyakit malas aku datang.

Serious weh!! Tak best macam ni.

Pagi tadi, satu ofis kena sound.

Awal pagi weh!!!

Ko imagine macam mana rasa kalo bangun pagi-pagi pastu kena sound.

Mau sewel tau tak?

Aku pun dah tak sabar nak tunggu masa nak blah.

Sekarang ni, just nak balik to the arms of my Muncet.

Feel better kalo dapat tengok muka dia.

Dok jauh daripada dia wat aku jadi bengong skit.


Bosan-bosan kat ofis, aku edit gambo...

Mana yang lawa?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Telephone (Official Music Video Parody) - Lady Gagita feat. Haronce... FUKI tapi LAWAK weh!!!

Aku boring kat ofis.

Dahlah suasana kat ofis ni macam ada orang baru mati je...

Senyap sunyi...

Nasib baik tak gelap gelita.

Aku melayan tengah sebok godeng-godeng facebook sampaikan aku nampak video ni.

Mula-mula memang nyampah tengok dak-dak pondan ni dok meliuk badan macam Lady Gaga.

Tapi lama-lama aku rasa macam LAWAK plak...

Tapi ni lagi lawak...

Thanks Lady Gagita ngan Haronce...

Walaupun macam HARAM tapi korang dah buat aku tergelak...



Bercerai??? Lagi???

Read it HERE.


Malas nak komen banyak-banyak.

Kena saman nanti.

Adat berkahwin la..

Kalo jodoh tak panjang, bercerai.

Sedangkan yang kawen pun bercerai, apatah lagi yang dok sebok kapel-kapel.

So, kepada yang nak kawen, pikir leklok.

Jangan ingat nak kawen je..

Tanggungjawab beso tu.

Kawen bukan pasal nak ^&*% je...

Lebih daripada itu.

Aku sendiri pun takut bab-bab kawen.

Seram dowh...MySpace

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kalo korang perasan...

Kalo korang perasan...

1. Aku jarang update. Sekarang sekali sehari.

Sebab: Aku busy ngan keje.MySpace

2. Aku jarang jengok blog korang.

Sebab: Aku busy jugak ngan keje.MySpace

3. Aku jarang reply komen korang.

Sebab: Aku busy ngan keje lagik!!!MySpace

4. Aku jarang komen blog korang.

Sebab: Tak yah gtau la.. Korang da tau kan?MySpace

So, aku nak tanya.

Salah sape aku tak update blog?

Salah aku ke atau keje aku?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm addicted...

Seriously I am.

Dunno know how to say it but it feels good when I can hear it.

Been listening to it everyday.

You know what I am addicted about?















I'm addicted to this song, "Faithfully"

I love the chorus especially when it says...

You stand by me,

I'm forever yours,


Superb song!!!

*It reminds me of someone. It really does..

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's Monday and as usual, I would be yawning continuously.

God, I HATE IT!!!

It was raining in Kuching also, that's why it feels so difficult to wake up.MySpace

I have to drag myself to cook and to prepare other stuffs as well.
(By the way, I forgot my lunchbox at home today. DAMN!!!!)

Apart from that, I'm missing someone badly.

We have not been able to skype lately coz that person has to attend a wedding ceremony

Miss that someone a lot...



(p/s: I'll try to survive today..)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

GLEE: The End

I didn’t update my blog for one day and a half.

Didn’t have the urge to do so.

I’m too tired, I think.

I’m just tired…

And all I wanna do is SLEEP.

But I went to the office yesterday.
Did a little work here and there as a preparation for Monday.
And I managed to kill two birds with one stone.

I downloaded all the gLee episodes.

My workplace. I used this computer to download. Superb internet connection.

And I just finished watching it.

I was touched when Rachel sings, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and it was such a beautiful song.

But I was more that touched when I saw all of them sing “To Sir, With Love” to their teacher.

I hope one day my students could sing the same song to me too.

I really hope gLee would come back for the second season.

I really wanna watch it.

For those gLee lovers out there, DON'T STOP BELIEVING.

(p/s: credit to Google for the gLee pics. Thanks ya!!!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

English Session: it's "MAKE FUN OF" not "MAKE FUN ON".

One of the bloggers posted a comment saying:

sorry to bother

the title should be like this "they make fun ON Prophet Muhammad" instead of " they make fun OF Prophet Muhammad"

thank you :)

I was like...WTF!!!

She cares more about my language, not my message.

Well, I checked around and even asked some of my friends. And they say...

I even checked the dictionary.

1. from

make fun of someone or something
to ridicule someone or something.

Are you making fun of me? I am making fun of your hat.


to make fun of
(idiomatic) To tease, ridicule or make jokes about.

Please stop making fun of your sister and just help her.

3. Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar

make fun of: tease, ridicule

Another explanation why it is not "make fun ON" is because...

~ make fun ON means someone is making fun while he or she is on someone's else body. (how is that possible?)

to the blogger named adilahamzah,

I'm so sorry that I have to point out all these. I feel it is important for me to clarify your misunderstanding towards the language. I'm not saying that I'm sooo good with this language but I have been learning it for quite some time and even the native speaker makes mistake with their own language.

But, if you are still unsatisfied, it's fine with me.

I understand your feeling. Furthermore you mentioned that you have really a lot of experiences in confronting several of people.

I don't think CONFRONT is the right word dear coz that word connotes another meaning.


(transitive) To stand or meet facing, especially in competition, hostility or defiance; to come face to face with; to oppose; to challenge.

Another one is you mentioned that you are currently studying as a post-graduate’s student in the same university.

You are STILL STUDYING, so you are UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT. ada paham???

(p/s: Thanks to Looi, Samini and Taufik for the help. You guys are the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER EVER!!!)

Babi Punya APEK!!!

I don’t care whether he’s related to you or not.

I don’t give a DAMN!!!

And I’m not gonna say it nicely but this guy is MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Can you imagine going to work in the morning and was packed with all the works in the office and a stranger came in asking about when your boss is gonna arrive with high tone and such rude behavior?

And you were speaking nicely to him but all he replied were that nasty words and tones?


1. I hope he will die in the worst car accident. His stupid head and body cannot be found.

2. I hope he will die killed by some psychos who speaks nicely to him but still he replies it rudely. (but not me la… )

3. I hope he will die while trying to cross the railway. Imagine his body torn into pieces? That would be soooo nice!!!!

4. Lastly, I hope his children stabbed him coz he must be a terrible father.

And this is the guy…

Duduk macam pondan. Nyampah aku!!!

By the way, I think this old man saw me as just another worker in the office.

That's why he is so rude and arrogant.

One day, I promised to myself that if I become one of the BIG GUNS (orang-orang berpangkat tinggi la... ada paham?) I would never be as stupid, arrogant and rude like him.

That's my promise.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

they make fun of Prophet Muhammad

It's really sad to see our Prophet Muhammad and Islam being played like that.

I don't understand why they have to hate him as if he had done something terrible to them.

And they make fun of Islam.

I hope all Muslims could help to do something to shut down the website.

I never feel so sad when I see those images.

This is the address.

Prince of Persia...

thanks to Google...

Aku malas nak cite pasal plot dia.

Nanti korang boring.

Nak cite pasal bende lain.

BESTnyer filem ni adalah kerana...

1. The actor, Jake Gyllenhaal is super hot. He trained himself to look really good. (I saw he cried in an interview by E! Entertainment. He said his body was sore all day long due to training and work out.)

2. I really like the value shown in this movie. Family value where brothers are considered as the most powerful weapon to protect the empire. Nice!!!

Yang TAK BESTnyer adalah kerana...

1. Ending dia macam bangang. I expect more than that. Tapi ending dia macam senang sgt. Cait!!!

2. Ermmm... tu je kowt yang aku tak ske.. hehehehe...

Rating: 4/5

(p/s: Nak tengok Shrek. Jom!!!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

our GOOD Time

At 4.38 p.m, I received one SMS:

"I'm on my way. Meet u later."

OMG!!! I was so engrossed with work that I forgot my promise with Matt.

Hurriedly doing my work, I went to my car and took off.
(Macam nak terbang plak cakap 'took off' kan?)

I reached there on time and Matt was there anxiously waiting.

Sori bro!!!

So, we went in together to the room and everything was so wonderful and we did it with passion.

It was a super duper good time for both of us.

And do you know what we did?





















Matt and me..

We had a good time.

I'll definitely COME BACK!!!
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