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Monday, August 3, 2009

Clamp & Claim

Yesterday, it was the first day of lecture since the SURPRISE HOLIDAY that we get due to H1N1.

So, I was walking around UUM as I was heading to my class when I came across this.

The car was CLAMPED!!! Padan muke ko!!!MySpace

It says:
Kenderaan tuan/puan telah di clamp. Sila hubungi Jabatan Keselamatan bagi urusan membuka.

This is the car with its license number. I wonder who does it belong to. Hahaha...

MySpaceI was happily taking picture when a guy came and asked:

The Guy: Is that your car?
Me: Nope, I was just taking picture sir.
The Guy: You know what, my car couldn't move coz that car was clamped.
Me: Owh, really?

I left the guy with his problem as I was in rush to go to DKG 5.

Furthermore, if I stayed, I still could not solve his problem.


Before going to the lecture hall, Looi and I ordered Fried Maggi.

It was SUPERB!!!MySpace

Then, I went inside the lecture hall and was listening to that SUPER DUPER BORING LECTURER!!!

Who's the guy? Hehehehe...

It was damn COLD inside the hall and I just realised when I looked up.

I was sitting directly under the air-cond "hole".

What the F**K???

The lecture was boring and I could see Looi and Ainul were also struggling with the air-cond.


"Ok class... You may go now."

The lecture finally ended and I felt DAMN relieved.MySpace

Thank GOD!!!

(p/s: I have no class today and tomorrow. Isn't that nice?)


Just_najmiE said...

I saw a clamped car once too, at the library.. poor guy, but padan muka!.. muahahahaha!!.. dh tulis besar2 kot kat situ, CLAMP ZONE.. tak paham la manusia kadang2.. hehehe..

u got no class?.. ok, seriously, I'm jealous!.. no fair.. (T_T)

Silverleaf said...

Oh my just look at the "perhatian" looks like it had been kick so many times.....

Fina said...

saya pon takda kelas hari ini! sem ni ada kelas utk hari ahad dan rabu sahaja. wahahahah!

naqiubex said...

di clamp!!
Clamp dalam bahasa melayu pun clamp jugak ke?

sha89 said...

fuhh~ sape la sruh amik tempat btul2 bwh air cond tu shah oii...hehe~

klau tido time2 tu msti best~~

GreenKhadijah said... ni memang hilarious...The comments pun boleh tahan...hahaha

Also can't stand the hilariousness...of the AirCond!!!
*continue to LOL* :D

sHaH said...

justnajmie:hahaha.. ada kelas ke yesterday? i was sleeping the whole day.LOL!!!

silverleaf:abg anas, that board deserves that.. wakaka...

fina:xde kelas? best la kite kan?

naqiubex: bro, tak cek lagi la dlm bhs mlayu.

sha89: mula-mula tak sedar.. dah lama baru sedar.

greenkhadijah: LOL...

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