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Thursday, December 24, 2009

another GOOD BYE...

I did not realise that one and a half month could pass without me even knowing it.

It feels BAD to leave again as I always love to be working here.

But I have to say another GOOD BYE.

It would not be my LAST GOOD BYE...hopefully..

Thanks OJAYA!!!

You have taught me how to be BETTER...

You have taught me how to be STRONGER...


You have taught me about LIFE...

I'm gonna miss you guys..

(p/s: Hope that I can work here again...)


FaizalSulaiman said...

takpe..maybe rezeki u kat tempat lain.wish u best of luck okay~

anN said...

btol kata faizal.. mby kat tmpat lain lebih better

Judiene said...

ko ni wat cuak aku je
ingtkn da btol2 nk stop blogging
anyway, maybe kt tmpt lain nnt ada byk bnda2 baik yg menanti
who knows right

noor afzan said...

keje part time je ker?
x pe, nest cuti keje lagi..=)

sHaH said...

faizal.. rezki aku ni la yg paling best!!!

ann.. tapi payah nak dpt boss baik..

judiene... takde makne aku nak stop blogging sayang oi..

afzan.. yup, part time tapi sgt best!!!

Jard The Great said...

got many opportunities out there.. ehehe

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