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Friday, December 25, 2009


It’s CHRISTMAS again!!!

Christmas tree in Kuching

And I’m excited about it.

I always love Christmas as it brings many joys to those people around me.

And the feeling of Christmas in Sarawak is GREAT!!!MySpace

I know for some people Christmas is just another public holiday for them.

But it means something to me.

Well, I think everyone knows that my race is Melanau.

And there are two types of Melanau which are the Muslim Melanau and non-Muslim Melanau.

I come from a Muslim Melanau family because my great grandparents converted to Islam a long time ago.

But their siblings did not follow what they did. They decided to go for Christianity.

But the relationship goes on forever even though they embraced different religion.

And that is what I love about the whole Christmas thing!!!

My family and I would go to the relatives’ open houses and celebrate Christmas with them.

It always feels good to share such celebration with your own family even though their religion is different.

When it comes to Christmas time, we would go visit them and when it comes to Hari Raya Aidilfitri, they would come to our house.

Don’t you think it’s INTERESTING!!!!

One more thing that I would like to emphasize is about the food.

Most of my relatives do not consume PORK…

So, it is easy for us to come to their house and eat the food that they cook.

Free-pork FOOD!!!

Whatever it is…


(p/s: I wish I’m in USA now with Tipah. She’s having a hell of a good time with snow. TIPAH!!! I HATE U!!!)


imHepPie said...

mlm ni gantung stokin tnggu santa dtg eh haha

Silverleaf said...

hoho ha'ahhh gantung stokin yg xbasuh...kompem dpt banyak adiah..hak hak hak

'AQILAH said...

semalam dengar bunga api..uhh

FaizalSulaiman said...

wahh..interesting neh.hehe..

shah dapat hadiah santa x?hohohoho

akhis said...

~sgt2 interesting...hehehe

Jard The Great said...

hehhee... my grandmother sebelah mak pelihara pigs la... and dogs...

but we learned to bring our own food when we over there.... =)

Syahir Darksyde said...

klaw msia ade salji lagi la bes kn? jom la celebrate kat atas gunung kinabalu. hoho

Judiene said...

merry christmas to ur family
kat kuching kt ada pelbagai kaum
so, suasana krismas lbh terase berbanding kt kelantan neh

Jard The Great said...

i follow uuuu.. ehehe

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