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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It happened not long ago but it was a quite a memory to me.

People do go through hardships in their life and so do I.

I remember the time where the hardship and the problem reached up to its breaking point.

Where you feel that you are alone and no one could ever be there to comfort you anymore.

It happened back in campus where one afternoon I was crying all alone and I locked myself in the room.

My friends text-ed me asking where I am at that moment but none of it was answered.

But later, it was one call that changed everything…

Me: Hello…
Mak: Hello sayang, buat ape tu?
Me: Tak buat ape mak, baring… Mak pekabar?
Mak: Alhamdulillah, sehat abg.. Abang sehatkan?
Me: Ok je mak… (I was obviously LYING!!!)
Mak: Abang, jaga diri leklok. Blaja rajin-rajin k sayang? Kalo tak larat, jangan paksa diri. Bawak berehat. Mak nak pesan tu je.. Bye sayang.. I love you..

The conversation ended.

It was short but it gave me a deep impact in my heart.

I guess maternal instinct in her caused her to call me that day.

But, I found it…


A sense of relief that no one could ever give.

It always feels good to hear that familiar voice.

(p/s: To all my friends, whenever hardships pull you down, call your loved ones. It’s a medicine that heals the heart.)
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