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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have been reading many things about Nuffnang before but I never take it seriously.

I know that it can help you to earn money but I guess having more comments in my comment box would be much more FUN...

However, I've been learning about all these coding things (or CSS.. I myself pun tak sure...) so I decided to put the adverts in my blog.

It looks good though.

I did a little bit of blogwalking and I clicked a few of my friends' Nuffnang's advertisement and one of them was Abang Pad.

So this morning, he wrote something on my Facebook's wall.

Click to enlarge it

Because of his advice, I AM NOW A FULLY NUFFNANGER!!!

(p/s: From now on, let's click on each other advertisement k? Hehehehe...)


FaizalSulaiman said...

hahaaha..fully nuffnagers!!!jum klik ramai2!!!

imHepPie said...

aku pengnuffnang x aktif huuu

JMR said...

welcome to the club..nnt exchange link ya:-)

baincardin said...

dah click dah! yay! ^_^

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