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Thursday, July 2, 2009

No More... No More... No More


I can’t believe that my holiday has come to its end.

While others are having their jolly good time, I’m the one working my ASS off to earn money.


…after working for some time, there are always memories to be kept deep inside my heart.

Working has given me a sense of responsibility of how difficult it is to earn your own money.

And it reminds me of being GRATEFUL to Allah.

So after this, I would return to the jungle of Sintok.

And one thing for sure, there’ll be NO MORE…

NO MORE my food container.
I woke up early in the morning to cook lunch for myself. It is one way to save my money. Hahahaha…

NO MORE my Levi's bag.
I love this bag as it gives me a sense of comfort especially when carrying my things around. It may look girlish but I don’t give a DAMN!!!

NO MORE morning traffic jam.
It was such an excruciating pain being in the traffic jam especially early in the morning. Fortunately, I was not the one DRIVING the car. Hahahaha…

NO MORE passing by The Spring in the morning.
I love this shopping complex. It reminded me of one of the shopping complexes in Penang.

NO MORE Chonglin Park.
This is where I worked.

NO MORE Osuka Agency.
This is my second time working here. Thanks to my boss for her kindness.

NO MORE lunch in this pantry.
This is where I have my lunch everyday and a good place to BITCH around.

NO MORE my workplace.
It was actually Kamarol’s table but I took it as I need it to do my work.


It’s my officemate here that I would not be able to forget.

After this, there’ll be no more…

NO MORE Kamarol chatting in front of me.
I taught him how to chat and I think he's been very happy with what I taught. I wish he would get a better job soon. Insya-Allah… Sometimes, I wish that he will stay there coz he loves to joke around and we would all be laughing hysterically.

NO MORE this lovely young lady, Lee Hui Chi @ Chi.
She reminds me of my Looi. I have so much fun working with her. I feel that we are connected in some sort of way. (We are about the same age.) Thank God that Chi is always around to help me with my work. I hope she will always be happy despite the workloads that are quite heavy for her to take.

NO MORE this lovely ‘mother’ of mine, Auntie Catherine.
She is the person that I’m gonna miss the most!!! It feels good to be with her as she never stop giving me all the advice in the world. She is so caring and I wish I could stay working to help her. I always have my free breakfast because of her. Thanks auntie. I’m gonna miss you so much…

Last but not least..

There’ll be NO MORE going home late.

Seriously, it’s another memory I would treasure in the SAGA of my LIFETIME…

Bye guys…

(p/s: Memories are hard to forget rite?)


eKyN said...

welcome back to sintok jungle!

wah masak sndiri la die....bagus..
jaga ekonomi..hehe

bile dftar masuk ni?

ღ Juliet ღ said...


entry ni sdey okkk

even I pun leh terbayang mcm keje kt sana.

noor afzan said...

tukar keje ke shah?
sintok ade ape ek?

Eyna's said...

bnayak nye NO MORE dia...
takpe...cuti akan datang...bleh buat smula...

Just_najmiE said...

lohhh, kat UUM la ek shah blajar?..

so nnt leh la p archery skali kan.. ala, takpa, mmg masa mula2 nk tinggalkan kerja sedih, tp bila u start meeting ur Uni mates again, u'll be ok.. chill right?.. n take care!.. (^^,)

sHaH said...

ekyn: saje masak.. lgpun pasni da takleh masak. daftar 3 hb ni.. tu yang sedey tu.

juliet: tak sedey la.. cuma sayu..

noor afzan: bukan tuka keje. shah keje part-time je aritu. skrg da msuk semester baru.

eyna: insya-Allah nak keje balik nnt kalo cuti.

justnajmie: yup dok universiti UTAN malaysia. hahahaha.. jom la g archery.. cam best jek..

yaziith su anaz said...

so sedey.

ko keje kat penang ke?

sha89 said... more2x...mcm lirik lagu pun ade hehe...

xmo sedih2 elok2 ek nnti...


sHaH said...

yaziith: aku blaja la yaziith.. hehehehe... aku amek flight g penang. then naik bas g uum.

sha89: thanks sha... lirik lagu no more yg shah dok carik tapi takde..

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