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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

aren't they CUTE???

It took place last semester.

I remember that day when I was having a hard time studying for one of my exam papers last semester.

Frustrated and bored studying the whole day.

I went out of surau (the place where we were having our study group) and was heading to my room when my eyes saw these two beautiful kittens sleeping together.

They look so calm and comfortable sleeping on the floor.

They look DAMN cute as well.

I was starring to these kittens for quite a time.

The look of them sleeping together brought a great sense of calmness and relief to my spinning head.

How I wish I could just be like these kittens.

No responsibility and nothing to worry about.

What a wonderful world for them.

(p/s: If I was born again, I would love to be like a cat but not a stray one. Hehehe…)

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