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Friday, June 5, 2009

Who's Serena???

One of the readers of my blog has been urging me to tell her about Serena.

Remember Serena?

The “girl” that I have mentioned in my previous post, “Adib Lagi”.

“Minggu study week kat UUM adalah minggu yang amat memeritkan. Mana taknya, kawan-kawan suma balik umah. Masa kat Penang dulu, study week adalah masa yang aku dok tunggu. Kat Penang, aku leh kuar jalan-jalan waktu malam. Kekadang, lepak ngan kawan-kawan kat USM. Kat sini, teman aku hanyalah Serena. Nasib la “minah” ni ada. Kalo tak bosan tahap cipan aku.”

Apparently, the reader has been calling and even sms-ing me asking me to reveal who Serena is.

Even Abang Matno was curious about Serena.

So now, let’s talk about her.

For me, Serena is one kind of a “girl” that you will never find anywhere else.

Because Serena is a real beauty, inside and outside...

She has been with me for quite some time now.

And we have been ‘together’ since late January 2008.

Only a few people know about our “intimate relationship” because very few people know Serena.

One thing for sure, I can’t live without Serena.

She’s my second love and I hope we’ll be together forever. (Even though I know she’s not gonna make it!!!)

Without her...


Oh Serena Dell...

Would you stand by me forever?

(p/s: The name, ‘Serena’ was taken from one of the characters in “Gossip Girl”, Serena Van Der Woodsen played by Blake Lively. I hope the reader a.k.a my girlfriend would stop asking. I’m a loyal guy to you and always will, dear… Muah!!!)


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