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Monday, June 29, 2009

Malaysian Reality TV Show

A piece of mind that I would like to share with all of you...

Guys, think about this…

Would you guys agree if I said that our Malaysian Reality TV show is only looking for people who can sing and dance?

We have more than one singing reality show and the number is increasing day by day?

What the f**k???

For example, we have…

Akademi Fantasia
A reality tv show that hit nationwide back in 2001 and its seventh season had just ended last two months.

One In A Million
Another SINGING reality tv show that gives out RM1 million to its winner. Like Akademi Fantasia, its third season had just ended last two months as well.

Also another SINGING reality tv show with a very interesting twist. A group of established singers will be the mentors for their protégés. Siti Nurhaliza was one of the mentors last season and this show is on aired now!!!

Well, this SINGING reality tv show is looking for a SINGING group that would be the so-called “The Next Asian Group”. Sorry to mention this but did the group that win this competition really become “The Next Asian Group”?

Malaysian Idol
Arghh!!! Another SINGING reality tv show adapted from Pop Idol (Pop Idol was the first to initiate this reality show but it does not gain much popularity compared to American Idol.)

...and we have so many other SINGING reality tv show in Malaysia that you are aware about.

My point here is why there are so many SINGING reality tv show???

Is it true that our music industry is lacked of singers nowadays?


… it’s just another trick from the tv station to earn more money?

Why can’t we have a reality tv show that would inspire and help people to become a better person?

Do we really need all these SINGING reality tv shows?

And the main question is…

…what do we actually achieve through all these SINGING reality tv shows?



Think about it…

(p/s: Tired of listening those who can’t sing but acting as if they can sing…)


Just_najmiE said...

yeah, u're right.. lotsa reality shows based on singing..

but fyi, I don't follow any of the mentioned.. hahaha!

Malaysian reality shows suck.. sorry to say lah.. hope nobody hates me.. (^^,)

maizatul. said...

haha , betul3x !

yaziith su anaz said...

but stil,

u pasang lagu akim kat blog ni.
i sangat suke OIAM.


ije said...

bila fikir balik.. hm.. melayu gak la yang mengagungkan program gini.

MISZ NaNa said...

kita dapat dua-dua. XD serius diorang tak ke mana pun hahaha~

sHaH said...

justnajmie: nak kata semua teruk.. tak jugak.. ada gak yg bagus macam malaysian idol coz yang masok memang leh nyanyi betol. bukan yg berharap kat nasib je...

maizatul:betol2.. hehehehe..

yaziith: lagu akim tu besh!!! terkenang si Dia tau!!

ije:melayu yang dok agungkan? tak sure la.. nak kena wat survey nih..

misz nana: betol2.. takde yang leh lawan ct nurhaliza lagik kan?

yaziith su anaz said...


u dah berpunye ke?


Erieq said...

me 2

sHaH said...

yaziith: yup, i'm taken..

erieq: me 3!!! Wakakaka..

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