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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Secret: Another Antichrist Agenda???

I wasn’t aware of this until I watch this video.

The Secret Book

Seriously, I was so surprised to find out that the so-called motivational book is actually another way for the elites to infiltrate the human mind and get control of it.

In fact, I downloaded its documentary a long time ago to find out what actually The Secret is all about.

I did practice a few things in The Secret book.

And now, since I know the truth...

...I’m not planning to do it anymore.

Thanks to the Noreagaa & Achernahr Production through their series entitled ‘The Arrivals’.

May Allah bless this series.


A little bit about the The Arrivals.

This series is known as The Arrivals. It’s about the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and Prophet Isa a.s (better known as Jesus Christ). This series has revealed shocking facts about the upper class communities or better known as the elites that have been trying to find a way to ‘release’ the Dajjal. More info could be found here: and then in the search bar, type The Arrivals.

(The Arrivals series has 50 episodes. Download all of them through

(p/s: As for The Secret, just google it and you’ll find a lot of information. The Secret is a very popular book written by Rhonda Byrne. You can also download its video using Ares.)


NGoNgexz said...

video porno dbei ka iduk..hahhaha

sHaH said...

kaaukan pornography punya tauke?
takkan tak tahu kot?

Fadhlah said...

porno tu apa?aku ngak paham bah..

sHaH said...

abg pad: abg, tu bhs melanau la... sebab tu abg tak paham.. kawan shah tnya ada porno nyer video tak... tu je..

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