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Monday, June 8, 2009

It's HOT!!!

What the F**K!!!

It’s HOT!!!

I was on my way to Kuching when this incident took place.

At first, it was okay except the guy that sat next tom me had a very bad body odour.

Thank God that I didn’t faint throughout the journey.

But it was the bus that made me suffer.

I woke up sweating badly and I could see a few people were wide awake too.

Then not long after that, the everyone was awake!!!


The bus air-conditioner was NOT WORKING!!!

Can you imagine it took about 12 hours from Mukah to Kuching and the air-cond was not working?

And this was not the first time I encountered such thing with this bus.

Well, I’m planning to file a report.


Transborneo Bus - DON'T take this bus!!!

As a proof to my report later

Some guys trying to fix the AC but... (you know the answer, rite?)

(p/s: If I have the choice, I would have boycott the this bus company.)


NGoNgexz said...

kita serupa kwn....lau yen kew bak bintang jaya..started from jln ladang unti; serian bila jumpa bukit..all penumpang turun & JALAN...WTF...nda kawak tenukar loyen bus time gk sibu..rasa maok komplen un tan time yen

sHaH said...

diak un akew nda leput dagen bas.

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