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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Day At Work

I have a title for my first day at work.

The title is:



I’m back at my previous workplace, Agensi Osuka.

I reached my office around 9.30 and was filling my free time chatting with my officemate.

Not long after that, my boss came in and she said,

“Shah, would you mind teaching my son? His teacher gave him tasks to do but I was not able to teach him.”



I nodded and went on teaching his son.

After lunch time, my boss told me:

“Shah, you’ll be teaching my son for half day and another half day, you’ll be working here in the agency.”

In fact, after saying that, she asked me to do a draft for newspaper ads…

…and I followed her instructions without saying anything.

And now…

…I am extremely CONFUSED.


Because I have two different jobs in a day and I have no idea how to teach her son.

Oh God!!!


To my readers, please pray that I would be able to do these two jobs.


(p/s: I just realize that I am not fully equip myself to teach in primary school later.)


Joe said...

ko keja pa weh??

berhenti ja keja, pastue tlg ur mom at home~ hahhaha.

carik kayu api, mengemas rumah, buang srang labah2 dll.

sHaH said...

joe: aku jadi pelacur kat kuching.
by the way, mak aku tak pakai kayu api untuk masak.
sebab dia pakai gas BETRONAS.

Fadhlah said...

ala shah..baru dua kerja..padalah la nie duk ada 3 kerja..1 major..2 minor...time study dulu pon sama..dari sekolah menegah sampai la masuk maktab...tak berhenti2 duk kerja..

p/s:agak2 shah sangup tak jd mcm padlah?ashik kerja saja...

sHaH said...

abg pad, u inspire me to work tau... tgk abg pad macam idop senang jek.. shah plan nak wat part time sem depan. thanks bro..

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